School will be here soon!  It's ALWAYS a good time to get that extra help.  Grade school Math.  Pre-algebra, 
Algebra I, Algebra 2, Geometry. Calculus. Science (Chemistry)  We understand how to help with Common Core!  
We are open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday.  
Call Patricia for more information at (559) 439-6700

Fast Facts About Math Crazy:

  - We tutor more subjects than just math, such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, English, French, and Spanish.

  - We offer one-to-one tutoring to better customize our teaching to each student's learning abilities.

  - Students can have tutoring sessions from one to four times per week.

  - All ages are welcome, from elementary school on up to returning adult students!

  - We want to help achieve your goals, and we will work with any and all schedules.