About Us

We offer one-to-one tutoring for students of all ages. We specialize in math and reading, but many more subjects are available (see a few examples below). We tutor throughout the school year as well as during the summer. Call us for more information!

Regular Tutoring

Students are given an evaluation to determine their strengths and weaknesses. From their results, we build a program to fit their needs. In addition to helping the student with homework and test preparation, tutors can work heavily from this program to help build each student's basic skills.

Summer Tutoring

The goal of summer tutoring is to prepare a student for their upcoming year of schoolwork. Math Crazy uses the same process from our regular school year tutoring program to help each student. We also continue to work on each student's basic skills. In addition, any student enrolled in summer school can receive the same help we offer with regular tutoring.

SAT Tutoring

Designed to prepare high school students for their upcoming tests, our SAT, SAT II and ACT subject programs use study guides, flash cards, and practice tests. Math Crazy offers help in both the mathematics and verbal components of the SAT. This program may be taken during the school year or summer. Our SAT program is offered privately (1 tutor with 1 student) or in a group seminar. Seminars are offered on Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm. Call Tom Filer for more information or to register. 559-325-6789

CAHSEE Tutoring

Our High School Exit Exam program uses the same study guides, practice tests, and techniques that districts, such as Fresno and Clovis Unified, use to prepare the students. Like our SAT program, CAHSEE tutoring is available both during the school year and over summer.

Reading Tutoring

We're crazy about reading too! Math Crazy offers a reading program designed to fit the individual needs of K-12th grade students. Our program will help the student to develop phonemic awareness, phonetic skills, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. We use informal and formal assessments to continually monitor each student's progress, set goals, and plan instruction for increased student learning. Through guided practice and making reading fun, we help students to become independent, lifelong readers.

Fast Facts About Math Crazy

- We offer more than just math tutoring. Please ask about other subjects, such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, English, and Spanish.

- We offer one-to-one tutoring to better customize our teaching to each student's learning abilities.

- Students can be tutored anywhere from one to four times per week.

- We are ambitious in working to achieve your goals and we will work with any and all schedules.