Traditional In-Person Tutoring

We offer one on one tutoring in-person. In order to insure a safe learning environment, we clean after every student, limit the number of students at one time, and we require masks.

Online Tutoring

We offer one on one tutoring over Zoom. This is a great chance for your student to receive personalized attention from one of our tutors from the safety of your home.

SuperVised learning

This new program will help your student keep up with their homework through regular meetings with our tutors. You can schedule 4 hours a week between 3:30 - 7:30 on Monday though Thursday at a time that works best for you.


Math Evaluations at Math Crazy provide a encompassing picture of your child's unique situation based on California State Standards. This allows us to meet the student where they are and get them where they need to be. Let us you help you set goals and create a learning plan to be more confident in school and in the work place.

Call Math Crazy at 439-6700 for more information and prices!