How it started!

History Of Math Crazy

The company was created by Tom Filer and his wife Patricia. While Tom was completing his last semester of student teaching at Fresno State, he decided that he did not like teaching in a classroom environment. Tom and Patricia went on a trip to visit Tom's parents who were tutoring during their retirement to earn a little more cash. Tom saw it as a great idea for a business that he could open. It was at this point that Tom decided to begin tutoring all by himself and see if he could establish enough business to eventually open up his own facility.

While working a second job at U-Haul, Tom continued to tutor on his own at eight dollars per hour. His hard work paid off. Eventually his clientele grew to the point where he could hire other tutors to help him with the work.

The Fresno office was opened for business in 1989. After only a few years, the company expanded to several other offices throughout Fresno County. In 2004, Tom's wife, Patricia, became the manager of the Fresno office and continues to oversee its operations today.

Now, every year, Math Crazy donates funds to various schools for extracurricular activities and has given out scholarships for summer programs based on academic performance of the student during the school year.