Math Tutoring

Your child is unique, and at Math Crazy, we treat them as such. Rather than going from a cookie-cutter teaching plan, our tutors craft each lesson based on your child's specific needs. Lessons address the topics students are studying in class, past topics with which they are struggling, as well as working ahead to prepare your child for the coming school days. In order to maximize the individuality of your child's program, we highly recommend beginning with an Evaluation. Be sure to check out our page that describes the evaluations available at Math Crazy.

Reading Tutoring

Math Crazy offers a reading program designed to fit the individual needs of k-12 grade students. Our program will help the student to develop phonemic awareness, phonetic skills, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. We use informal and formal assessments to continually monitor each student's progress, set goals, and plan instruction for increased student learning. Through guided practice and making reading fun, we help students to become independent, lifelong readers.

Summer Tutoring

The goal of summer tutoring is to prepare a student for their upcoming year of schoolwork. Math Crazy uses the same process from our regular school year tutoring program to help each student. We also continue to work on each student's basic skills. In addition, any student can receive the same help we offer with regular tutoring.

SAT Tutoring

It's been said that the SAT is the most important test you will take in your life; is your child prepared? Our SAT program is offered privately or in a group seminar. Seminars are offered on Saturdays from 10am to 1pm. For more information or to register for a session or class contact the Math Crazy Fresno Office.

CAHSEE Tutoring

With schools now fully enforcing the California High School Exit Exam, students face the very real possibility of not being able to graduate high school. However with the proper tutoring, the CAHSEE can and has been conquered by many of our students. Ask your tutor today about what Math Crazy can do to help ensure your child's future success.